Why Aren’t Short Codes Working on My Phone?

Occasionally, we do get calls from our clients who have been contacted by a particular customer that is unable to participate in their short code marketing services.  There are essentially five reasons why somebody wouldn’t be able to participate with short codes.

frustrated short code block
DON’T YELL: A short code block may be on your phone. Just call the carrier to have it removed.
  1. The short code aggregator has not linked up with the carrier.
  2. The carrier does not participate with short codes.
  3. It is a prepaid phone that does not permit short code use.
  4. The owner has not purchased a text message package.
  5. There is a requested short code block on the phone.  This is usually something requested by parents for their children in the past to prevent them from making premium SMS purchases such as ringtones.  (Of course, premium SMS is gone now in the USA, but is alive in Canada for now.)

I use short codes to communicate with my youth baseball players.  Inevitably, there is one player every year that has a short code block on his phone.  It’s easy to get removed; all you have to do is make a phone call to the carrier and ask to remove it.

Here is a list of participating carriers on 84444.com.

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How to Gauge the Effectiveness of Your Mobile Coupon

Mobile Coupon Examples from Two National Retailers

Mobile coupon redemption is one of the most common Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) used in tracking the effectiveness of text message marketing.

coupon code mobile coupon
Dress Barn uses a coupon code for its text message promotion.

There’s a few ways that businesses use mobile coupons via text message.

  1. “Show Text” — This is usually done at a small business or restaurant so in this case manual tabulation would be used.
  2. Code — Usually an alpha-numeric code.  (See the Dress Barn example)
  3. Click through to web — The mobile coupon is acquired via an embedded link in the text and the click-throughs to the website and the redeemed mobile coupons are quantified.  (See Toys R Us example)
  4. Phone Call — For this, you would need to use an embedded tracking phone number.  In  other words, it would be a phone number that you don’t often use.

The one thing that I would like to see added to the two promotions above is an expiration date.  “Exp. 1/31/15.”  That drives store traffic NOW.

mobile coupons via text and web
Toys R Us uses a link to its website where the consumer can get the discount.
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Attention Pizza Restaurants: It’s Time to Start Preparing Your Text Message Database for Super Bowl Sunday

Did you know that Super Bowl Sunday is the largest pizza selling day of the year?!

Also, did you know that one incredibly resourceful and affordable way to get people to order from your restaurant during this event is to implement a text message marketing campaign?

Well, for those of you who don’t know this already, millions of people in the United States are redeeming mobile coupons. Also, most of the younger generation has their phone on them 24/7, and it would be unwise to capitalize off of something that many people have right at their fingertips.

How Successful Is It?

Well, one of the pizza shop clients at 84444, “Main Line Pizza,” gave a testimonial both on how easy it was to set up a campaign, as well as how much of an ROI they received during Super Bowl weekend.


Co-owner of Main Line Pizza, Jennifer Saionz, indicated in a Video Testimonial for 84444 that both she and her husband realized that (especially through their 3 children who are constantly on their phones) text messaging would be a great way to promote their business. They also indicated that they had done other forms of advertising in the past, but none of them were as effective that they had hoped they would be.

How Did They (&You) Get Started With A Text Message Marketing Campaign?

Well, the first thing any business needs to do whether it is a restaurant or not, is to establish a database. The things that Main Line Pizza did in order to get users to opt in consisted of having stickers made for their pizza boxes as well as menus that advertised their “keyword” which was “MLPIZZA.” Additionally, those who first signed up were given an incentive in that they would automatically receive 10% off their purchase.  In the end, all of these things gave them a huge database to market to when Super Bowl Sunday finally rolled around. In fact, Super Bowl Sunday ended up being highly successful for Main Line Pizza as they saw an 11% response rate!

It’s Highly-Effective & Affordable!

As Bob Bentz, President of ATS Mobile and owner of the brand 84444 says, “If you’re a local mom and pop pizza shop, and you do not have a big budget for promotion, text is where you can get the most bang for your buck!”

To learn more about how to set up a text message marketing campaign by using 84444, or to see all the latest tips, tricks and trends in mobile marketing in general please check out their YouTube page, or check out ATS Mobile’s Mobile Marketing College.


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FREE Internet Magazine

One of the magazines that I look forward to receiving every week is Website Magazine.  It’s ironic that a magazine written about the internet is presented in the old-fashioned print format, but Website Magazine is.  And, it’s a nice change from reading everything online.

If you work in the internet business, or you just own a business that has a website, this is a FREE publication that you should subscribe to.

Click on the advertisement below to begin your subscription today.

Website Magazine

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The History of the Text Message

text message history
The history of the text message in one easy infographic.

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

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Cutting the Cord

carrier market share in the USA 2014
What percentage does each carrier own in the USA mobile market?

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

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Let Text Message Marketing Advance Your Business!

In this day and age, marketing and promotions have entered a whole new level of production. Corporations and small businesses are pioneering new methods of marketing through the internet that are far beyond anything that was possible in the 20th century.

Text message marketing brings businesses right to people’s mobile phones. 84444 is no exception, whether it’s in Canada or America.   However, what’s most important is to make sure that the methods being used to perform text message marketing are legitimate and reliable.   What’s the point of spending money on advertising that lands the business sanctions and a bad reputation?

The Convenience of Mobile Promotions

Mobile device use including sharing through mobile applications and social media is a popular activity and a quickly expanding style of marketing. There are many ways that people can promote businesses through mobile devices, social media and internet marketing. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing a status or photo through Facebook, and sometimes it’s as complex as the production of complete websites and blogs.

Using an opt-in based mobile marketing campaign is easy through 84444. After setting up your customized marketing plans, a business creates a text hotline that involves telling interested parties to text a “keyword” to 84444. The keyword is unique to each client.

Businesses are conveniently and easily giving their commerce a healthy boost by utilizing marketing through mobile devices and data. Innovative text message marketing platforms are quickly rising to notoriety as a way to boost business and campaigns. Interested businesses should start production as soon as possible; especially around holiday seasons or other times where there are promotions and sales to be running.

Using Landing Pages and More: Combining Internet With Mobile Services

The many facets of mobile marketing will boost any business. Mobile marketing campaigns allow for customized directions and selling points to attract consumers.   With mobile application development, companies can now create custom widgets, or what Google refers to as gadgets that give customers constant access and exposure to products and promotions. As this is done, the internet and mobile devices work together to perfect the marketing process.

Pair up your mobile marketing campaign with a landing page in order to quantify just how many people are clicking through your links on their phones. Then, you can install internet widgets into the landing page, which allow prospective clients to view multiple feeds of information from multiple different businesses and individuals with which you might be collaborating.   There is a convenient 84444 widget that can be used to register for text message marketing and services on any business’ website.

Through mobile microsite production with in-depth custom design and careful development of mobile applications, effective marketing is born. Mobile and social media ad targeting will enhance any businesses sphere of influence and bring them much needed revenue.

Don’t hesitate to call 84444 in the United States at 610.688.6000 or in Canada at 416-800-2490. Let us show you just how effective our mobile promotions management and execution is, and has been for over 25 years!


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Text Message Marketing in the US Virgin Islands

Text message marketing Virgin Islands
84444 text marketing works in the US Virgin Islands


A month or so ago, we got a call from a group that wanted to know if our 84444 text message marketing site worked in the US Virgin Islands.

I had always heard that our short code worked in the US Virgin Islands, but in the many years that we’ve operated 84444.com, I hadn’t had any direct experience attributable to the US Virgin Islands so, quite frankly, I didn’t know for sure.

Well, we are happy to report that the service works flawlessly in the paradise of the US Virgin Islands.  So much so, in fact, that the political customer that first signed up with us is using it more and more.  The great news is that the short code based text messages really stand out in the US Virgin Islands, because people simply don’t get as many messages there as they do elsewhere.

84444 has long stated that one of its “special sauce” is that it has the same short code 84444 in both the United States and Canada, thus making it easy for border and international advertisers to use our site and gain opt-ins on both sides of the border with no need to create costly advertisements for both countries.  Now, perhaps there’s a new special sauce that we discovered and its the US Virgin Islands!

You won’t believe how many employees have volunteered to visit to do additional testing.

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Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

The Mobile Marketing Knowledge College

Scott Bronenberg Discusses Texting in the Retail Environment with Brad Bierman of 84444.com

Scott Bronenberg is one of the most knowledgeable businesspersons in the country when it comes to text message and mobile marketing for retail stores.  Retail has been one of Bronenberg’s areas of specialization for the company and in this video he gives some of his best advice to retailers wanting to sell more through the use of SMS marketing in the United States.

Special areas of emphasis include:

  • How texting fits into an overall mobile marketing strategy.
  • Incentives to obtain an opt-in from retail customers.
  • How retailers can get started in SMS marketing.
  • Legal items that retailers should understand before doing text marketing.
  • How text messaging can be used to increase holiday retail sales.
  • Ways to combine the use of video with text marketing.
  • Gaining the best ROI for retailers using SMS.



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84444.com site

How to Market Your Business by Text Message

The Mobile Marketing Knowledge College

Bob Bentz of 84444.com Discusses Text Message Marketing with Brad Bierman

Bob Bentz is a veteran in the text message marketing industry and in this video, part of the Mobile Marketing Knowledge College, Bentz gives advice on how to use SMS marketing as part of your business marketing plan.

Bentz gives tips on:

  • developing a mobile strategy
  • best ways to increase opt-ins
  • whether mobile coupons still work well
  • how texting also works for B to B
  • the best times to send broadcast text message marketing
  • what the future holds for text message marketing

Hear Bob’s tip on the single most important thing to do when introducing a new mobile marketing campaign and learn why he believes text message marketing is the single best ROI that any advertiser can do for his or her business.



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