How Businesses Can Benefit From Mobile Marketing

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If you’re in the spa industry, you know how dull it can be at times when customers don’t come in or simply don’t show up. You’re sitting and waiting to book appointments for people. Can you say boring? But, what happens if you don’t get much traffic at your spa? Well, there’s a way to gain more patrons! Text message marketing will help bring in customers by sending coupons, specials and beauty tips directly to their phone.

How convenient is it that you can send reminders to customers about their appointment? It’s a win-win for you because you won’t be bored or lose money! Sending mobile coupons and style tips get customers engaged and want to come to your spa.

Since we’re all so tech savvy, why not use it to our advantage and start texting local deals and specials? Spas aren’t the only ones who should jump on this bandwagon. Restaurants and apartments should do the same.

Residents need to know when repairs are taking place, correct? Well, with text message marketing, they’ll receive the latest updates about their apartment. This will make your job so much easier because this way you won’t have to deal with angry tenants. This tool can also be used in an emergency because it opens a line of communication.

People are always using their phones to browse websites, search for directions, download applications and listen to music. When we pull up a website, we’d prefer it be accessible and not difficult to read.

When a website is clear and concise, this allows customers to easily locate the phone number to either make a reservation or call for pickup. We’re always using Google maps to find places, so we need to be able to locate the destination.

You can grow your company just one text message! It can’t get any better than that. is a mobile marketing company that creates sweepstakes, coupons, campaigns and sms marketing and will help grow your business. They can assist you with reaching more customers and establishing a relationship with them. It’s a smart and easy tool to have because well, who doesn’t like to text?

Feel free to browse the site for more information about their text message marketing program and how you can get your business involved.

Canada to implement anti-spam laws in July

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The Canadian Radio and Television Commission has implemented a new series of laws to combat spam-based ad campaigns in commercial electronic messages through Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation.

With the help of the Competition Bureau and the Office of the Privacy Commission, CASL will enable this Taskforce on Spam to use economic sanctions against advertising agencies which use spam, fraud, spyware, or even malware tools for the purpose of finding out more information on consumers without their consent.

The penalty for an individual advertiser who violates CASL per penalty $1,000,000 while the penalty for an organization is $10,000,000 per penalty.

CASL is the product of a mulit-year Taskforce by industry professionals, law enforcement, and other entities created in 2004 responsible for studying spam and malware in online advertising.

This new legislation was officially materialized through the organization of 25 recommendations in a 2005 report from the Taskforce on ways to reduce ad-related spam.

Starting on July 1st, all SMS texts must have:

1. the sender’s name along with the name of other parties if sent upon another’s behalf.

2. the sender’s mailing address

3. Other relevant contact information (including URL and/or contact number)

4. A clearly visible “Unsubscribe” button.

 text message picture

Requests for consent must also have such information included for consumers, as well as a specifications about the function of the product discussed in detail in the CEM.

text message consent

For more details on how to ensure that your text message marketing efforts to consumers are within the legal specifications of CASL, contact us today.

Customer Service Goes SMS

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At a time when text-message is as natural as eating for many people, small businesses need to integrating SMS marketing into their customer service efforts.

According to Demandforce:

  1. 91 percent of cell phone owners keep their devices within three feet of them.
  2. 2 out of 3 people suffer from the fear of being without their phone, or “nomophobia”.
  3. Most cell phone owns open their text messages within 4 minutes of receiving them.

With SMS marketing, small businesses can use the following strategies to reach more customers via mobile.  Get started today with text message marketing through 84444.

Customer Service for Text Messaging

TEXTING TUESDAY WEBINAR – How to Maximize your Text Marketing

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84444′s and ATS Mobile’s Bob Bentz gives his advice and tips on how to maximize your text message marketing efforts.  Bob gives you statistics on texting in both the USA and Canada, covers best practices, the recent TCPA regulations, and even offers you his Top Ten Text Message Marketing Tips.

Mobile Messaging Madness

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Twice as Many Small Business to Use Mobile Messaging in 2014

Small business are certainly jumping on board the mobile messaging train in 2014.  In fact, more than twice as many small businesses plan to employ mobile messaging in 2014 than in the year prior.

While the definition of mobile messaging takes into consideration more than just SMS text message marketing, text has to be a big part of the growth anticipated from this study.  This comes in an environment hampered by recent legislation and threats from messaging apps like the very popular What’s App.

mobile messaging growth 2014
MOBILE MADNESS: Mobile messaging growth by small businesses

Carrier Surcharges Hamper SMS Growth

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Providers Fear Industry Leaders Verizon and AT&T Following Suit

sms carrier surcharges

Sometimes, I think the carriers simply don’t get it.

A growing problem with brands and advertising agencies endorsing text message marketing is a concern among providers like 84444 from carrier surcharges.  Several carriers are now assessing short code providers like 84444 with surcharges on SMS services.

Current surcharges include:

  • Cricket = .0025
  • Metro PCS = .005
  • Sprint = .005
  • T-Mobile = .0025
  • US Cellular = .035

In most cases, these charges are for both MO’s (mobile origination or texts from the consumer to the short code) and MT’s (mobile termination or texts from the short code provider to the consumer).

T-Mobile was the first carrier to begin adding surcharges to its short code messaging back in the Fall of 2010.

Charges like a half a penny per text may not seem like a lot, but given the low price per unit of short code marketing, it is significant.

To date, 84444 has simply absorbed the cost of the carrier surcharges, but ats Mobile president Bob Bentz has stated that it would be increasingly difficult to continue to absorb the surcharges should industry leaders Verizon and AT&T begin assessing surcharges also.

In addition to these per SMS surcharges, Metro PCS and Cricket are also charging an additional $500 each when a new short code is activated.

The SMS industry is still recovering from the discontinuance of premium SMS billing by the carriers in November, 2013.

Unique Holidays Decorations Include Text Promotion

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Most normal people simply hang Christmas lights at their home for the holidays, but not everybody does it this way.  At least not people that are involved in text message marketing and Custom QR Codes.

Check out what this user of 84444 has done for his holiday decorations.

text message marketing for Christmas
What better way to say happy holidays than through a text message marketing promotion in the neighborhood.


Share Button is seeking a developer and two salespersons (one in the USA and one in Canada).  If you are a top notch professional and looking to work in the fun and exciting world of mobile marketing, please go to our employment page for further details.

job openings - Philly, Toronto
ATS seeks a developer and two new salespersons.

How to Adhere to the TCPA Guidelines for Text Message Marketing

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Not sure how to best adhere to the new TCPA laws that were put into effect on October 16 of this year?

We read the regulations several times and weren’t quite sure ourselves so we let an attorney explain the TCPA laws to you.

I saw this text message marketing program sponsored by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and figured they must know what they are doing!  We’ve put up text message opt-in samples from major vendors before, but this one is from the most viable source in the country.


TCPA compliant text marketing
Here’s how the MMA is interpreting the TCPA laws for opt-ins.

Texting Tuesday Webinar Includes Top Ten Text Tips

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If you happened to miss the Texting Tuesday webinar done by Bob Bentz of atsMobile, no problem.  We have the video of the webinar presentation that was done just last week.

ATS Mobile does numerous webinars on mobile marketing.  Consider attending one of our upcoming events.

There are numerous new features added to this version of Texting Tuesday, including:

  • Updated Text Message Statistics
  • Top Ten Text Tips (just some of the 59 that you can find here)
  • Impact of the new TCPA Regulations on Text Message Marketing